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Have You Forgotten A Key Family Member in Your Estate Plan?

By Melissa A. Register March 15, 2019 Posted in Core Estate Planning

Whether you care for a dutiful Dachshund, a clowder of cats, or a bevy of bunnies, you probably devote a lot of attention to your pets. You work hard to care for them and provide them with love and affection. But have you given serious thought about what would happen to them if you became incapacitated or die?

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Are Any of These Mistakes Lurking in Your Estate Plan?

By Melissa A. Register February 15, 2019 Posted in Core Estate Planning

Common estate planning mistakes can derail your overall wealth plan. Addressing these errors is essential to ensure your wealth is managed properly during your incapacity or after your death.

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New Year, New (or Updated) Estate Plan!

By Melissa A. Register January 7, 2019 Posted in Core Estate Planning

It’s time to make your New Year’s resolutions, and although it may not be the most fun one, a new (or updated) estate plan is a great decision. (You know it’s been on your to-do list!) Here are eight life decisions or events that should get you thinking about updating — or creating — your estate plan right away.

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How Many Plans Do I Need?

By Melissa A. Register July 2, 2018 Posted in Core Estate Planning

Most people have at least heard of an estate plan, but fewer realize that a simple will is not enough to prepare for your future. In fact, a combination of plans – financial, estate and legacy – are vital to your financial well-being and protection of your assets and family.

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