New Year, New (or Updated) Estate Plan!

By Melissa A. Register January 7, 2019 Posted in Core Estate Planning

It’s time to make your New Year’s resolutions, and although it may not be the most fun one, a new (or updated) estate plan is a great decision. (You know it’s been on your to-do list!) Here are eight life decisions or events that should get you thinking about updating — or creating — your estate plan right away.

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Five Reasons to Embrace the Emotional Side of Estate Planning

By Melissa A. Register December 3, 2018 Posted in Family Dynamics

When you hear the phrase “estate plan,” you might first think about paperwork. Or your mind might land on some of the uncomfortable topics that estate planning confronts head-on: end-of-life decisions, incapacity, and your family’s legacy from generation to generation. Those subjects hit home for everyone. But while that could feel like a reason to avoid estate planning, the emotional nature of these decisions is actually a reason to embrace the process with enthusiasm.

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Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust FAQs

By Melissa A. Register November 5, 2018 Posted in Advanced Estate Planning

An irrevocable life insurance trust (ILIT) gives you more control over your insurance policies and the money that is paid from them. It also lets you reduce or even eliminate estate taxes, so more of your estate can go to your loved ones.

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Who Should Be Your Successor Trustee?

By Melissa A. Register October 1, 2018 Posted in Trust Administration

If you have a revocable trust, you probably named yourself as trustee so you can continue to manage your own financial affairs. Eventually, however, someone will need to step in for you when you are no longer able to act due to incapacity or after your death.

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