Updating Your Revocable Trust: How Many Tweaks Are Too Many?

By Melissa A. Register August 15, 2019 Posted in Trust Administration

If your life or the law has changed since you signed your revocable trust, there’s a good chance that it needs to be updated. Updates can be made by way of an amendment or a complete restatement. An amendment updates a specific part of the trust; whereas, a restatement, updates the entire trust. You might think that an amendment would cost less than a restatement, but that’s not necessarily true.

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How Business Owners Prepare for the Unexpected

By Melissa A. Register July 15, 2019 Posted in Business Owners

If you are a business owner, your focus is likely on keeping the company running on a daily basis. While this is important, looking beyond today to what will happen if you can’t run your business should be on the top of your to-do list.

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Estate Planning for Unmarried Couples

By Melissa A. Register June 15, 2019 Posted in Core Estate Planning

If you and your significant other love each other but don’t want to tie the knot, you need an estate plan that takes into account your specific situation while protecting you both, along with any other family members or loved ones you wish to include.

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The Harmonious Family that Won’t Fight? The Outcome May Surprise You

By Melissa A. Register May 15, 2019 Posted in Family Dynamics

Most families are happy families. They get together for the holidays, share laughs, and tell stories. Everyone gets along and enjoys each other’s company. Then, the matriarch or patriarch dies. Suddenly, years of pent-up resentment and hurt feelings bubble to the surface, and the once-happy family is now embroiled in litigation over the decedent’s estate.

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